Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Aunt Laura is home!! Collin was so so excited!!!!!!! Kade was excited also but I think he was a little more excited to see Nana. He is definitely a little Nana's boy!

Jumping in the sprinkler!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My friend Kara came home for a visit so I brought the boys out to her parents land. They have a pond and the boys went for a little swim. I started with just letting them wade but that soon turned into letting them get wet and dirty. They both had a super time laughing and splashing around! This will definitely be a great memory for them. When we came home I told James what his "city boys" had been up to, their first dip in a pond!

Aunt April and I took Collin to check out the new pool in town. We played on the playground set that April use to play on as a child. We then found a much newer one that had a very cool obstical course. April helped Collin across and even Mom gave it a try!

Out at Nana and Papa's land. The basement is poured and the roofing lattices delivered. Kade thought the construction sight was his own personal sandbox. Collin and Kade played in the sandbox that Papa made for them and took a break to relax in the hammock.

I signed Collin up for a gym/swim class at the Y. The class was a five week session but he loved his teacher and the class so much he ended up going for three sessions. This is a picture of his class swimming and with his "Coach" Carly.