Thursday, May 21, 2009

The school year is coming to an end. We are very sad about this! We loved Collin's teacher this year and now he is onto first grade and all day school. I have been spoiled having him around so much with the half day kindergarten it will be very weird to have him gone all day. This is the second to last field trip for the year. We went to the zoo and had a beautiful day! Siblings were invited along on the field trip so even Kade got to join the fun. The bunnies were the favorite of the day and I had to stop Kade 3 times from picking up the chickens. They had a blast!

Touch a truck. While Collin was in school Kade and I headed over to an area park where they had trucks set up that the kids could sit in and explore. Kade "drove" a crane, ambulance, firetruck, semi truck, and school bus. Talk about little boy heaven!

A night at the Museum. Last weekend was a busy weekend for us. Kade had oral surgery on Friday morning. Poor guy had two root infections that needed to be cleaned, four crowns put on, and

two cavities filled. Since he was so young he had it done in the hospital under anesthesia. Everything went well. Saturday morning was Collin's big track meet and Saturday night was the night at the museum. Our church and an area church rented out the museum overnight. At first Collin was not so sure about the idea but made a great friend and had a blast. Collin and his friend slept in the firetruck and Kade slept with Mom and Dad in the sports room. It was a really fun night filled with adventure!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Collin had another cold and windy day for his all YMCA track meet. Nana and Aunt April where in the stands to cheer him on. He place third in the 400 so he got a ribbon and he shaved 5 seconds off of his 100. He also did the softball throw and the long jump.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Collin had his first track meet today. He competed in the 400m, 100m and softball throw. The long jump and relay were cancelled due to the wet and cold weather. He was so proud when everyone was cheering for him. Next week we will compete against other teams and he is excited to get a ribbon.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Collin and Kade with their new haircuts. Such handsome boys!!!

Collin earned a free ticket to the Timber Rattlers baseball game for reading. Here are some pictures from the game. We had beautiful weather for the game.

Collin's fun filled alphabet field trip. The class got to fish for letters, build huge letter stacks with boxes, dig in sand for the alphabet and buried treasure, have relay races and end the trip with an alphabet snack. Fun day!!