Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!! The boys had fun looking for Easter eggs and their baskets. After enjoying some peeps they got all cleaned up for church.

Coloring Easter eggs!

Easter egg hunt at the zoo. It was really a nice set-up! The morning started with a nice breakfast with the Easter bunny including flying pancakes (they flipped the pancakes and the kids got to try to catch them on their plates!). Then we went into the zoo and the kids got to pick out 10 eggs. We then walked the zoo and had to find the egg station to turn in the correct colored egg. The kids got to trade the egg for a treat. Collin took some pictures with the lion and Easter bunny but Kade did not want to go near them! We had fun watching the animals (the favorite of the day was the otter!)

Happy 2nd Birthday Kade!! We had a low key birthday for Kade at our house (the big party is this weekend!) Collin and Mom made cupcakes and Kade opened his gift from his brother (we are saving the BIG ones for this weekend). With Kade's birthday falling on Easter weekend we also went to a big Easter egg hunt at the zoo and dyed Easter eggs.

Kade sleeping in his big boy bed. It took a few weeks and we had to put a lock on the door buy Kade is now sleeping in his big boy bed. If you notice the shirt it is just so appropriate right now for us!

Another tooth gone! A few days later Collin lost his other bottom tooth.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Collin lost his first tooth! He lost the front right one on the bottom (the left is ready to come out too!) He called Aunt April, Aunt Laura and Nana and Papa to share the news. He even asked if he could call his teacher!

Here are some pictures of Kade with his little red cast. He will be re x-rayed on the 11th and hopefully the cast will be taken off. The doctor said it was the littlest cast she has put on. He is such a tough boy so having a cast hasn't slowed him down a bit. In the one picture he is being a ham for the camera. Can't you just hear him saying, "CHEESE!"?