Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The day at Kara's farm ended with a trip to the pond. The boys and James went on the paddle boat. It was a nice warm day so the kids went swimming. They thought it was pretty neat we let them go in their unders!! They boys had a blast and even caught some tadpoles.

We left for a little vacation to visit my parents to celebrate the end of Collin's school year. It may not feel like a vacation to some but we get awesome home cooked meals by my Dad. The kids LOVE Nana and Papa's house with all the land...and James and I get a little break because the awesome Aunts love to play with the kids. Th
is trip was extra special because we were able to spend a day with Kara on her farm. The boys love animals and here they got to hold baby chicks and rabbits, feed the horses, and play with the cats and dogs. Thanks for letting us spend the day Kara!!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

More fun on the farm. Collin fell in love with the kittens. I think at some point he held all nine of them. We also went for a hike around the farm where we found an old kiln the boys crawled into. On the way out we stopped in the wildlife house and found some baby chicks hatching out of eggs. The boys sat and watched for a good 20 min before we had to leave. It was a great day!

Over Memorial Day weekend we took a drive to a farm. The kids were so excited to feed baby goats with a bottle. Our kids sure are animal lovers and it was hard to get them to leave. Kade especially made friends with one little goat. There was a family nearby who kept telling their son in the stroller, "Kevin look at the goats...Kevin look over here" Well little Kade thought that meant his goats name was Kevin. Kevin followed Kade everywhere (mostly because I think the goat thought Kade had more food). Kade cried and cried when he left because he didn't want to leave Kevin.

Kade showing off his new teeth!