Sunday, December 21, 2008

A visit with Santa. Collin and Kade went to see Santa this weekend. The original plan was to go to the zoo. The decorate the zoo, the kids can eat dinner with Santa, and then a horse drawn sled ride through the woods. The weather did not cooperate though and it was too snowy to make the trip. We decided to head to the mall instead (not as fun). Collin was very concerned about how Santa could be at the mall and the zoo. We told him he was finishing up at the mall and was heading to the zoo after. He then said well if Santa can make it to the zoo why can't we? We responded well Santa has his sled and reindeer. Collin then said he wished he was Santa! Too cute!
Kade was just happy and kept pointing and saying Santa. He is really into Christmas this year! Every time we said we were going to see Santa he would ask..and reindeer too?

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